Pune Man’s Romantic Evening Turns Sour With Rs 22,000 Restaurant Scam; Read Details

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New Delhi: In a bizarre incident, a Pune man fell victim to a dating app scam that left him with a hefty Rs 22,000 restaurant bill. The man, who shared his ordeal on the X platform (formerly Twitter), has now become the latest cautionary tale for online daters. The story began when the man found a match on the popular dating app, Bumble, on September 30th of this year.

The duo decided to meet at Gypsy Restro Bar in Bhugaon, Pune, in October. Little did he know that this seemingly ordinary date would turn into a costly affair. (Also Read: How to Reset/Change Your UPI PIN on Gpay, PhonePe, and Paytm App In Few Clicks? Check)

Upon their first meeting, the woman ordered wine and a hookah, catching the man off guard. “Actually at this point, I had no idea of the costs of the order, and the staff was too quick to get wine and hookah in a jiffy,” the man shared. (Also Read: Shine Bright This Diwali: Try THESE Tips And Tricks For Best Instagram Reels)

To his shock, he later discovered that the hookah cost Rs 10,000, the wine bottle Rs 15,000, and a single wine glass Rs 1,500. When the printed bill arrived, it totaled Rs 22,000.

The situation took a darker turn when the date insisted that he foot the bill to avoid potential harm to his property.

According to the victim, his date claimed, “This bill needs to be paid, or the restaurant guys can damage your car in the parking. They have your car number, and they can find your address through RTO contacts. They will connect double the amount at your home if you run away.” Fearing for his property, the man reluctantly paid the hefty sum.

As the victim’s story gained traction on social media, many X users speculated that the restaurant owner might have hired the girl to carry out the scam.

Take a look at the netizen’s reactions:

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