NVIDIA Unveils Blackwell B200 AI Superchip As Successor To Hopper Chip

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New Delhi: NVIDIA has introduced a new generation of artificial intelligence Superchips and software for running AI models. The world’s most powerful AI chip, the Blackwell B200, features a remarkable 20 petaflops of FP4 power, which is about 30 times faster than the current flagship H100 and 25 times more power-efficient.

The newly launched AI Superchips will replace the Hopper (Graphics Processing Unit), which significantly boosted Nvidia’s sales.

The pack has two Blackwell chips: the Blackwell B200 GPU and the GB200 Superchip. The first Blackwell chip, called the GB200, will ship later this year.

The GB200 is an important part of the NVIDIA GB200 NVL72 system. This system is designed for heavy work tasks and uses liquid cooling. It has multiple nodes and racks to handle demanding workloads. The GB200 includes 36 Grace Blackwell Superchips, with 72 Blackwell GPUs and 36 Grace CPUs connected by fifth-generation NVLink technology. (Also Read: Motorola Edge 50 Pro Official Launch Confirmed In India; Check Specs, Date, Availability)

On the other hand, the Blackwell GPU architecture features six transformative technologies for accelerated computing, unlocking breakthroughs in data processing, engineering simulation, electronic design automation, computer-aided drug design, quantum computing, and generative AI.

This AI Superchip, with 208 billion transistors, combines two circuit boards to function as one chip, accelerating AI innovation in healthcare and life sciences.

NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang stated, “For three decades, we’ve pursued accelerated computing to enable transformative breakthroughs like deep learning and AI.” He added, “Generative AI is the defining technology of our time, and Blackwell is the engine powering this new industrial revolution. We will realize the promise of AI across every industry, working with dynamic companies worldwide.” (Also Read: POCO X6 Neo 5G Goes On Sale In India Via Flipkart; Check Price And Bank Offers)

Major companies expected to adopt Blackwell include Amazon Web Services, Dell Technologies, Google, Meta, Microsoft, OpenAI, Oracle, Tesla, and xAI.

Adding further, Nvidia introduced revenue-generating software called NIM, making AI deployment easier and giving customers more reasons to choose Nvidia chips over competitors.

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