AI Tool Like ChatGPT And Bard Will Not Be Able To Use Public Data If DPDP 2023 Bill Passes

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Personal data will be shielded from AI: Some time ago Google changed the privacy policy of its AI tool and told that the company will use publicly available data to improve its AI products and services. Means our tests, preferences etc. can be used by AI companies. Although India and other countries are against it. The Government of India has created a new draft of Digital Personal Data Protection 2023, in which it has been said that AI companies cannot use publicly available data to improve their chatbots. At present, a rough draft has been made by the government, which if passed in this monsoon session, can become a law.

In the new draft of the bill, the government has removed the old clause that talked about processing people’s data freely. Experts say that if AI companies scrap publicly available data after passing this bill, then legal action can be taken against them as is currently going on in the US.

A public policy expert working with a think tank said that the removal of clause 8(8) from the DPDP Bill, which allowed processing of any publicly available personal data under public interest, would allow new AI tools like ChatGPT can affect the development of. The government will put the new draft in the Lok Sabha, if passed, it will be good for the countrymen. Tech experts said that the removal of the old clause from this draft shows that now AI companies will have to take permission to process data.

Answer sought from Open AI regarding data processing

Let us tell you, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has started an investigation against ChatGPT maker OpenAI last week. The FTC wants to know whether the company is actually violating consumer protection laws. In its 20-page letter, the FTC asked OpenAI several questions about the startup’s AI model training and personal data handling and other security concerns.

The CEO of the company reacted

Here the company’s CEO Sam Altman said in a tweet on Thursday evening that the company will work with the agency. He said that the company’s technology is safe and user friendly and we are confident that we will follow the law. Altman also said that the company protects users’ privacy and designed its systems to learn about the world, not private individuals.

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