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How ancient sea creatures can inform soft robotics

Fossils of a marine animal that lived 500 million years ago, combined with computer simulations, informed the design of a new soft robot.

One person can supervise ‘swarm’ of 100 unmanned autonomous vehicles

Research involving has shown that a 'swarm' of more than 100 autonomous ground and aerial robots can be supervised by one person without...

Artificial intelligence and immunity

Researchers have published a strategy for identifying new targets for immunotherapy through artificial intelligence (AI).

Robot trained to read braille at twice the speed of humans

Researchers have developed a robotic sensor that incorporates artificial intelligence techniques to read braille at speeds roughly double that of most human readers.

Utilizing active microparticles for artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence using neural networks performs calculations digitally with the help of microelectronic chips. Physicists have now created a type of neural network...

Scientists design a two-legged robot powered by muscle tissue

Compared to robots, human bodies are flexible, capable of fine movements, and can convert energy efficiently into movement. Drawing inspiration from human gait,...

Tiny AI-based bio-loggers revealing the interesting bits of a bird’s day

Researchers have developed a bio-logger for seabirds that enables long-term observation of rare behaviors. The bio-logger employs low-power depth sensors and accelerometers to...

Health researchers develop software to predict diseases

IntelliGenes analyzes genomic data to discover biomarkers associated with health traits.

AI can boost service for vulnerable customers

Artificial intelligence has become the Swiss Army knife of the business world, a universal tool for increasing sales, optimizing efficiency, and interacting with...

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