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Octopus inspires new suction mechanism for robots

A new robotic suction cup which can grasp rough, curved and heavy stone, has been developed by scientists.

How 3D printers can give robots a soft touch

Soft skin coverings and touch sensors have emerged as a promising feature for robots that are both safer and more intuitive for human...

Novel robotic training program reduces physician errors placing central lines

More than five million central lines are placed in patients who need prolonged drug delivery, such as those undergoing cancer treatments, in the...

New computer vision tool wins prize for social impact

A team of computer scientists working on two different problems -- how to quickly detect damaged buildings in crisis zones and how to...

Star Trek’s Holodeck recreated using ChatGPT and video game assets

Star Trek's Holodeck is no longer just science fiction. Using AI, engineers have created a tool that can generate 3D environments, prompted by...

AI makes retinal imaging 100 times faster, compared to manual method

Researchers applied artificial intelligence (AI) to a technique that produces high-resolution images of cells in the eye. They report that with AI, imaging...

Engineers design soft and flexible ‘skeletons’ for muscle-powered robots

Engineers designed modular, spring-like devices to maximize the work of live muscle fibers so they can be harnessed to power biohybrid robots.

New privacy-preserving robotic cameras obscure images beyond human recognition

In a bid to restore privacy, researchers have created a new approach to designing cameras that process and scramble visual information before it...

‘Smart swarms’ of tiny robots inspired by natural herd mentality

Researchers gave nanorobots a trait called adaptive time delay, which allows them to better work together.

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