Air India flight mobile phone charger fire, why phone or charger fire? learn

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Phone charger catches fire on Air India flight: A passenger’s mobile phone charger caught fire on an Air India flight from Udaipur to Delhi. After that the plane made an emergency landing. According to reports, the passenger’s mobile phone charger caught fire during take-off and the flight was hastily landed safely. Many incidents of smartphones catching fire come before us. In most cases this is due to some carelessness of the user. Such events can be traumatic for anyone. In this case, it is understood that apart from proper care of the smartphone, the charger also needs to be taken care of. Some user mistakes about the phone charger can lead to fire. It is important to know them in such situations.

Smartphones and chargers cause a fire due to any mistake?

Using the phone while charging is dangerous

Using the phone while charging can be dangerous. Phone battery gets hot while charging. In this case, the device may pose a major hazard if it is used for calling, gaming and downloading and playing videos while charging.

Due to using wrong charger

Many times people use any charger, cable and adapter to charge the phone. Doing so can be dangerous for both the phone and the charger. Our advice to the users is that they should use the original charger of the same brand to charge the smartphone. Many users use local chargers to save money. If you do, be warned now.

It is also important to look at the battery of the phone

When a smartphone’s battery starts to die, it loses its shape. It swells. In such a situation, many users do not pay attention to the swollen battery of the smartphone. Charging a smartphone with such a battery can be a dangerous thing.

Also look at the smartphone charging area

Many users don’t care where they charge their phones. It can be dangerous to keep the phone charging and in a place where it constantly heats up. Our advice to users is to avoid placing the phone on the bed or under the pillow while charging.

Also pay attention to the temperature of the smartphone

The temperature of the smartphone can also increase many times due to the weather. Keeping the device in this state for a long time will cause it to overheat. After that, charging the phone can cause a big problem.

A mobile phone charger caught fire during the flight

An Air India flight had to be turned back on Monday due to a fault with a passenger’s mobile phone charger. According to reports, the airport official said that flight AI 470 from Udaipur to Delhi was delayed by about an hour and was later diverted to Delhi. An airline official said a passenger had complained that his mobile phone was overheating. He warned the cabin crew about it. In this situation, the aircraft was turned back as a precaution to ensure the safety of the passengers. The mobile phone battery exploded, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing. All passengers were evacuated safely. Airport staff and a team of Air India engineers conducted a full technical check of the flight. After technical tests, the aircraft was sent to Delhi.

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