Android Settings That You Should Change In Your Smartphone

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These 10 settings great work and your privacy, security And Safety are attached to

  1. Always keep the content of lockscreen notifications hidden. We all use fingerprint or passcode on lockscreen but forget to hide notification content. With this, any other person can read your data or important message.
  2. There are many apps in our smartphone which we download for different needs. At the time of work, these apps require many types of permissions. After the work is done, these apps remain lying in the phone. Along with this, they keep accessing different data due to permission being on. That’s why it is better that you pause the permission of such apps. You will find this option in App Permission.
  3. You can run the apps in different languages ​​as per your convenience. To change the language, you have to go to App Language and choose any preferred language here.
  4. We all use the Auto-Fill option for passwords and other important information. But we don’t back up auto-fill with fingerprint lock. This happens that whoever has our phone can login the account in one click with the help of auto-fill. So do back up auto-fill with fingerprint lock. To do this, go to the Google account and come to the auto-fill option.
  5. Keep the driving mode on so that whenever you are driving a car or bike, the phone becomes silent and you are not disturbed. The advantage of this setting is that it keeps the phone in silent or ring mode using the phone’s sensors. You do not have to turn it on and off again and again.
  6. Turn off unnecessary notifications of apps so that you don’t get disturbed. You can do this work by going to the notification option of the apps. For example, keep the important updates related to the bank on and stop the promotional updates of Swiggy etc.
  7. In-app purchases are common these days. Therefore, to validate the payment, keep the biometric on so that even if the payment is made, it is done with your permission and you are aware of it. To turn on this setting, go to the settings of the Google Account.
  8. Keep checking the access given to third party apps from time to time. If you are not using any app, then remove access from it so that your data remains safe. To do this, go to the Data and Privacy option in Google Account.
  9. Personalized Ads- Many times it happens to all of us that the product we are talking about or pass through a store, we see the same thing again on mobile. To prevent this from happening, keep the location service off. Apart from this, uncheck the apps activity from being saved as well. You will find both these options in your Google account.
  10. You can keep the option of smart charging or adaptive charging on. With this, your battery health will be good and your phone will be charged according to a pattern.

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