Apple’s new patent hints at a rollable iPhone

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San Francisco: Apple’s latest patent application suggests that the company may be working on a rollable or scrollable iPhone.

The tech giant has filed a patent for a device with a rollable or scrollable display, indicating that future products such as iPhones, iPads, televisions, desktop displays and car dashboards could feature the technology, reports Gizmochina.

The patent application, which builds on Apple’s 2014 exploration of an expandable display, was recently published by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

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The invention refers to a device with a display that can be changed into a rolled-up state for storage and an unrolled state for viewing.

In the unrolled state, the display is expected to be “planar”, and on the other hand, in the rolled state, it will likely “bend around an axis on a roller for storage”.

“The display may consist of a pixel array for image production and a transparent protective layer, which may include a layer of locally thinned glass to aid bending,” the report said.

The outer surface of the protective layer can be exposed to anything that can scratch it.

However, the inner-facing surface is expected to be protected and likely to have fewer surface irregularities.

While rollable screen devices are still a long way off, Apple is rumored to be working on a foldable MacBook that will debut in 2026, reports say.

In March, the tech giant’s patent application titled “Self-Retracting Display Devices and Techniques for Protecting Screens Using Drop Detection” revealed that the company was working on a new technology that would enable iPhones and iPads with flexible screens to sense drops and fold automatically. . On the way to the ground to minimize damage.

According to the company, the display will be able to detach or fold in a way that protects the screen in place of a potentially fragile hinge.

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