Facebook has brought amazing new features, video editing and uploading will be easy now

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Facebook is bringing new features: We all know about the social media platform Facebook and most of us use it. Facebook has changed a lot since its inception. The company’s intention behind releasing these changes is to improve user experience. To improve the user experience, the company has now announced several upgrades and changes to the video features on the platform. For information, we tell you that the company has also added a video tab. With this tab you can edit and upload any video. According to the leaked information, the company has added many new features such as refined editing tools, the ability to upload videos in HDR, and a video tab that replaces the old Watch tab. In such a situation, if you also use Facebook and constantly upload videos on it, then it is very important for you to know about this new feature. So let’s know about these features in detail.

Editing videos is now easier than ever

After adding new editing tools to the Facebook platform, it will now be easier and more fun for users to edit their videos. With this new tool the user can add music, filters and many other effects to his video. Not only this, before uploading the user will be able to trim and cut his video as well as add titles and captions to it. According to the published information, now users will be able to upload HDR videos on the platform. If you are wondering what would be the benefit of adding this feature, say that it will enable you to upload better color and quality videos to the platform.

Many more features

We tell you that with the addition of the new video tab, it will now be easier than ever for users to search and watch any video on the platform. The company has replaced it with the old clock tab and has also said that it will soon appear in the shortcut bar as well. According to the information released, Meta addresses it as a one-stop shop for all videos on Facebook, including reels, long videos and live content. According to Meta, this video option will be present at the top of the Android app and at the bottom of the iOS version.

Creating reels is now easier than ever

With the addition of new features, it will be easier than ever for users to create reels. According to the information, users will now be able to browse vertically through a personalized feed of videos with a separate reel section. Giving information, the company said that it is soon bringing Reels editing tool to Facebook feed. If this happens, users can add music, text and audio directly to their videos while uploading them through this app.

Many more advanced features will be included

According to media reports, Meta is going to add new editing options. With this editing tool, besides changing the speed of any video clip, you will be able to flip and replace it easily. Talking about the editing tools, the company said that tasks like selecting audio tracks, reducing noise from background, recording voice over to video for audio will be easier than ever for users. As we told you earlier that the company is also going to provide HDR quality video upload facility on the platform, with which you will be able to upload better quality videos on the platform.

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