Fitbit Account Switcher: Streamline Your Fitness Goals Like Never Before

Fitbit Account Switcher Gets Material You Treatment

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The Fitbit app has received an update that brings the account switcher to Material You. The new switcher features a colorful, customizable design that matches the rest of the app.

Fitbit Account Switcher Gets Material You Treatment
Fitbit Account Switcher Gets Material You Treatment

Fitbit, the popular fitness tracking brand, is getting a stylish makeover with the introduction of the Material You design language and an updated Google account switcher. This exciting development brings a fresh and modern look to Fitbit devices, enhancing the user experience and integration with Google services.

The Material You design language, introduced by Google, focuses on personalization and customization. It allows users to create a unique and personalized interface that adapts to their preferences and style. With the integration of Material You, Fitbit users can now enjoy a more visually appealing and personalized experience on their devices.

One of the notable changes is the updated Google account switcher, which now aligns with the Material You design. The account switcher allows users to seamlessly switch between multiple Google accounts linked to their Fitbit devices. This streamlines the process and provides a smoother transition for users who manage multiple accounts across various Google services.

The updated account switcher features a refreshed design that follows the Material You principles, offering a cohesive and visually pleasing interface. Users can now easily identify and switch between their Google accounts with just a few taps, making it convenient for those who frequently switch between personal and work accounts or share devices with family members.

Another significant advantage of the updated Google account switcher is the integration of Google’s security features. Fitbit users can enjoy enhanced security through features like two-factor authentication and account recovery options linked to their Google accounts. This ensures that their fitness data and personal information remain protected and secure.

Fitbit’s integration with Google services goes beyond just the account switcher. With the integration of Material You, users can expect a more cohesive experience across various Google apps and services. This includes personalized theming, adaptive colors, and improved integration with Google Fit, providing a seamless ecosystem for fitness and health tracking.

Fitbit’s commitment to continuously improving its devices and user experience is evident with this update. By embracing the Material You design language and enhancing the Google account switcher, Fitbit aims to deliver a more intuitive, visually pleasing, and secure experience for its users.


The previous account switcher in the Fitbit app was a simple, text-based interface. The new switcher is much more visually appealing, with a colorful background and rounded corners. The switcher also features a new animation that plays when you switch between accounts.

The new switcher is also more customizable than the previous one. You can now choose the color of the background and the accent color. You can also choose whether to show the account name or email address.

In conclusion,Fitbit’s adoption of the Material You design language and the updated Google account switcher brings a fresh and modern look to Fitbit devices. The integration of Material You allows for personalization and customization, enhancing the user experience. The updated account switcher streamlines the process of switching between multiple Google accounts, providing convenience and improved security. Fitbit users can now enjoy a cohesive ecosystem that seamlessly integrates with Google services. With this update, Fitbit reinforces its commitment to delivering innovative and user-centric fitness tracking solutions. The new Fitbit account switcher is a welcome update. It is more visually appealing and customizable than the previous one. The new switcher also makes it easier to switch between accounts.

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