Google Chrome Enables Website Shortcuts On The IPhone Home Screen

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There is good news for iPhone users. Now you can easily access the Shortcuts app directly from your home screen using Google Chrome. This is possible because Google Chrome has enabled website shortcuts on the iPhone home screen. This latest update of Google is providing a new feature for iOS and iPadOS devices. According to the news, in the latest iOS 16.4 release from the tech giant Apple, a lot of changes were made in the capabilities of WebKit and web apps.

Can add URLs or Progressive Web Apps

With iOS 16.4, web apps have capabilities such as access to push notifications and permission for third-party apps to add web apps to the iPhone and iPad home screen. Now iPhone users can add URLs or Progressive Web Apps to their home screen.

As reports, when a web app is added to the iOS home screen, you can open and use it as if it were a regular app, meaning you’ll need to open it in Safari, Will not redirect to open in Google Chrome or any other web browser.

Many features in the latest update

Apple is actively rolling out these features to all users in its ecosystem, while the beta variant of macOS Sonoma is also providing users with the ability to add web app shortcuts. Apart from these developments, the iOS platform has received several notable features in the last month. Users can now take advantage of their device’s camera to search for products similar to Google Lens and easily create events on their calendar.

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