Google Has Added New Features To Its AI Tool Bard Avialable In 40 Languages

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Google Bard New Features: In this era of Artificial Intelligence, every company wants to make its product the best of the best. In this sequence, Google has added some new features to its AI chatbot Bard. Google Bard is now made available in 40 more languages ​​including Hindi, Tamil Telugu, Gujarati, Malayalam, Bengali, Kannada, Urdu etc. Apart from adding languages, the company has made this chatbot available in several regions including Brazil and across Europe.

Google launched Bard in the US and UK in March. After this, the company updated the coding in it in April. In the Google I / O event, the company told that in this users can also search from images. Now the company has again added some features to it. Know about this-

bard new features

Will be able to hear the answer: Now you will be able to hear the bard’s response. That is, you can hear the answer to the question asked by you. The company told that with this users will be able to understand how to speak difficult words. To listen to the answer, you have to click on the sound icon.

Can change in response: You can now change the Bard’s response to Simple, Long, Short, Professional, and Casual. Apart from this, you will also be able to pin and rename any conversation.

Now you can also query through images in Bard. Bard is connected to Google Lens, with the help of this you will get answers to the questions. You can easily share Bard’s responses with anyone. The company has given share option to share the answer. Along with this, users can now export Python code in Replit with Google Colab.

Elon Musk launches AI company

Alan Musk has started his own AI company to compete with Chat GPT and Google Bard. Its name is XAI. It includes many veterans associated with AI. The purpose of this company of Musk is to “understand the true nature of the world”.

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