Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri Reveals 5 Hidden Features of Matter Threads: Check

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Mark Zuckerberg-owned Meta recently unveiled a new social media platform called Threads. This platform gained 100 million users in just five days of its release. Thread, a text-sharing platform, is similar to Elon Musk-owned Twitter. It has also been reported that Musk has sent Zuckerberg a cease and desist letter, accusing him of using Twitter’s trade secrets and other intellectual property for Threads development. However, despite all this, Meta’s new app is gaining a lot of followers and likes. After seeing its popularity, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri broke down some of the hidden features of Threads, which many may not know or know about.

1) Your post, your decision: Adam Mosseri explained that whenever users post something in a thread, they can also decide who can reply and who can’t. When a user uploads a thread, they can change the setting to be able to reply to anyone or to specific users. This is a feature that differentiates threads from Twitter, as most of the time a tweet goes viral by including random comments and replies.

2) Tap on Thread: One of the easiest and most effective shortcuts to create a new thread is to triple tap the thread composer. After doing this, users can create a new post. It reduces time and helps users quickly inform their audience about their activities.

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3) Quickly follow and mute: Thread users can follow any account by tapping the plus button on the account’s post. This way they can avoid going to the account page every time they want to follow someone. Similarly, if they want to mute someone in the thread, all they have to do is click on the three dots above. This way they can easily mute any account.

4) Take breaks: While active, the Thread app reminds users to switch away from it. In the settings, the user can set reminders for how much time to spend on this platform. When this is exceeded, the thread reminds users about the same. Thus threads help users avoid the social media vortex.

5) Threads on Instagram: One of the hidden gems mentioned by the Instagram CEO is that users can share their thread’s post on Instagram by clicking on the air option present below the post. This way they can display their posts to their Instagram audience.

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