Microsoft 365 Copilot Service Teams Excel Word AI, Check Subscription

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Microsoft has taken a big initiative. To give a different experience to its users, the company has announced that it will connect the platform Teams, Excel and Word with Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature. For this service started under the name Microsoft 365 Copilot, new subscription plans of the company will have to be taken. According to the news of Business Today, users will have to pay 30 US dollars for this service.

What will be the benefit to the users

Microsoft 365 Copilot users can take advantage of AI features such as ranking incoming emails, meeting summaries, analyzing spreadsheet data, offering writing prompts, and designing presentations. According to the news, this initiative of Microsoft is expected to increase the monthly price for enterprise customers by up to 83 percent. The purpose of this service is to generate extra revenue through recurring subscriptions.

Service based on generative AI technology

It has been said in the news that this service started by Microsoft has been set up on Generative AI technology. It is based on the commercial data of users collected in Microsoft Graph which includes email, calendar, chat and documents. The company has assured the users that your pre-defined security, privacy or compliance policy will be fully taken care of. However, the company has not yet announced any official date for the launch of Microsoft 365 Copilot.

Company has made huge investment

Microsoft 365 Copilot has been launched when tech giants like Microsoft, Google and IBM are competing to introduce consumer-driven generative AI tools. Microsoft has made substantial investments in creating Artificial Intelligence (AI) based offerings. This also includes investing billions of dollars in OpenAI.

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