Netflix Prime Video Disney And Other Ott Platform Will Censor Content For Obscenity And Violence In India

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In the coming days in India, OTT platform Netflix Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Disney and others may have to use scissors on obscenity and violence present in their uploaded content. According to a Business Today news, a government document and reliable source says that the Government of India has informed OTT companies that their content should undergo an independent test for obscenity and violence before taking it online.

there was a meeting on 20 june

According to the report, OTT or streaming companies had a meeting in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on 20 June. In this meeting, a proposal was given to these companies in this regard. The companies had objected to this and then no decision could be taken immediately. An inside source of the industry had given this information in this meeting.

Concern was expressed on obscenity and obscene content

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting had raised concerns about the presence of obscenity and obscene content on the OTT platform. In this regard, objections were expressed on behalf of the Members of Parliament, civil groups and the general public. Let us tell you, Netflix and Amazon have gained tremendous popularity in India, both of them have maximum share in the market. Popu Partners Asia forecasts that the country’s streaming market will go up to $7 billion by 2027.

Request to set up independent panel

In that meeting, officials urged the industry to set up an independent panel to review ott content, to enable it to identify and remove inappropriate content. The government has asked to focus on the need for a more proactive approach so that streaming content, including international content, follows the code of conduct.

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