Road safety: Maruti-Suzuki introduces safety alarm in ‘electric hybrid’ model of Grand Vitara

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New Delhi: Car makers in the automobile sector have also tightened up after the government passed laws to reduce road accidents in India. According to a report, carmaker Maruti-Suzuki has decided to install a security alarm in the electric hybrid model of the Grand Vitara. Maruti-Suzuki India on Monday said it has fitted an alarm for pedestrian safety in the ‘electric hybrid’ model of its SUV Grand Vitara. Due to this, the price of this car will increase up to four thousand rupees.

The alarm will sound from five feet away

Maruti Suzuki India has announced the addition of Audio Vehicle Alert System (AVAS) to the Grand Vitara Intelligent Electric Hybrid model in a stock market filing. According to the automaker, this technology is designed to help keep drivers and pedestrians safe by alerting them to the presence of vehicles. It will sound a low-pitched alarm that can be heard up to five feet away, alerting pedestrians and other nearby drivers that a vehicle is nearby. With AVAS, the Grand Vitara will become compliant with upcoming regulations.

After installing the security alarm, the price will increase

The biggest thing is that after installing the security alarm on the Grand Vitara, the price of the car will increase by up to Rs 4,000. In this regard, carmaker Maruti-Suzuki has informed that the price change for this model of Grand Vitara will be applicable from July 17, 2023. It will increase up to four thousand rupees. The ‘Electric Hybrid’ variant of the Grand Vitara is priced between Rs 18.29 lakh and Rs 19.79 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi).

18 people die and 44 people are injured in road accidents every hour

Let us say that every hour about 18 people die and about 44 people are injured due to road accidents in India. According to the annual report on road accidents in India 2021 published by the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, 18 people die every hour in road accidents in India. At the same time, an average of 44 people are injured in these accidents every hour. According to the ministry’s report, 1.73 lakh people lost their lives in India in 2021 due to about 4.22 lakh road accidents. Of these, the highest number of 24,711 people died in Uttar Pradesh. After that, Tamil Nadu came second with 16,685 deaths.

4.22 lakh road accidents in India

According to a report by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), the number of road accidents in India increased from 3,68,828 in 2020 to 4,22,659 in 2021. These traffic accidents include 4,03,116 road accidents, 17,993 railway accidents and 1,550 railway crossing accidents. Tamil Nadu recorded the highest increase in traffic accidents among the states from 2020 to 2021 (from 46,443 to 57,090). It is followed by Madhya Pradesh (43,360 to 49,493), Uttar Pradesh (30,593 to 36,509), Maharashtra (24,908 to 30,086) and Kerala (27,998 to 33,051).

Walking on the side of the road in India is dangerous

Tech company Bosch Ltd., on 15 May 2023, during the 7th United Nations Global Road Safety Week, in a survey report titled Indian Pedestrian Behavior on Pedestrian Safety Conditions in India, said that the condition of pedestrians walking along roads in India is dangerous. The report states that 99 percent of pedestrians in India are at risk of being injured in road accidents. This report also asked for measures to improve road safety.

More than 29 thousand pedestrians died in road accidents

According to a report, around 29,200 pedestrians died in India in 2021. Around 60,000 pedestrians were injured in road accidents at this time. The report also states that India has more road accident deaths than the whole of Europe and Japan. The report also said that more than one and a half lakh people died in road accidents in 2021.

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