Road Safety Tips Explainer: Know the safety rules before driving on the road or life will be in trouble

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Road Safety Tips News: If you drive, cycle, bike or walk on the streets of your city or area, it is very important to know the road safety rules and regulations before walking or driving in any situation. If you don’t know this and drive recklessly or walk randomly on the road, it can prove dangerous for you. Especially, when you drive, it is most important for you to know the road safety rules, because India not only has social, economic, religious and cultural diversity, but also different types of roads. In some roads, you will find a big pothole, and in some places, the bend in the road will be very sharp. If there are a lot of speed breakers on the roads in an area, there will be herds of road animals somewhere. In such a situation, if you drive a car, bike or cycle or walk on foot without knowing the road safety system and traffic rules, then you can also get into an accident. According to statistics from the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, around 1,55,622 people died in road accidents in India in 2022.

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