‘Sweetheart…’: Man Asks ChaGPT To Write Apology Letter For Wife, Check What Happened NEXT

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New Delhi: The development of ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence technology, has made it easier to understand complex inquiries and their responses. A man asked ChatGPT to write an apology email to his wife and shared the chat on Reddit, which is just another example of how the AI tool has assisted a user in finding a definite answer to a challenging subject.

I went out with the boys without notifying my wife, so please accept my sincere apologies, the man wrote. The AI tool responded to the apologetic note after at first declining to apologise on the man’s behalf. (Also Read: Groundbreaking Business Idea: Invest Rs 2 Lakh, Earn Rs 75K To Rs 1 Lakh Returns)

“Sweetheart, I apologise for not alerting you to my plans to go out with the boys. I ought to have talked to you first before making any preparations. I apologise because I realise it must have left you feeling unappreciated and mistreated. I commit to being more understanding in the future and to communicating with you more effectively. I apologise in advance,” the tool wrote. (Also Read: Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Ghee Empty Stomach)

If she did not respond to him, the man later asked the tool for an explanation. If his wife did not reply, he instructed him to send a brief SMS. Hey, just wanted to see how you’re doing and check in. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help or if you need anything else. I adore you,” the tool said.

Many people commented on the Reddit post, some of whom criticised the man for using technology to make the apology.

“If I were married and discovered my wife had made an apology through a cold, heartless chatbot, I’d be furious. One user commented, “I wouldn’t want something to calm me down; I’d want an honest apology.

Another person said, “You should ask ChatGPT for a spine.”

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