Google Doodle Commemorates Sridevi On Her 60th Birth Anniversary: A Trailblazing Icon Of Indian Cinema

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New Delhi: Google Doodle has celebrated the 60th birth anniversary of late veteran actress Sridevi. With a remarkable career spanning almost four decades and a staggering array of nearly three hundred movies, Sridevi remains an unparalleled figure in the realms of Bollywood and beyond. Born on this day in 1963 in present-day Tamil Nadu, India, her journey continues to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.

Today’s animated artwork on the Google homepage, crafted by Mumbai-based guest artist Bhumika Mukherjee, pays tribute to the enduring legacy of Indian actress Sridevi .

Sridevi’s tryst with the silver screen ignited during her childhood, where she took her first steps into acting at the tender age of four with the Tamil movie “Kandhan Karunai.” A linguistic virtuoso, she effortlessly traversed multiple South Indian film industries, dazzling in Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam productions.

The pivotal moment occurred in 1976 when Sridevi seized the national spotlight with her role in K. Balachander’s “Moondru Mudichu.” This marked the inception of a string of blockbuster hits, including “Guru” and “Sankarlal,” firmly establishing her as the reigning luminary of Tamil cinema. Her magnetic charisma transcended regional boundaries, beckoning producers from the Hindi-speaking film industry.

Bollywood witnessed a seismic shift with Sridevi’s arrival. The action comedy “Himmatwala” propelled her to national icon status, and her reign continued with monumental hits like “Sadma” and “ChaalBaz.” What set her apart was her ability to single-handedly steer blockbuster movies, shattering the glass ceiling in an industry traditionally dominated by male protagonists.

After a hiatus in the early 2000s, Sridevi resurged triumphantly through “English Vinglish.” This triumphant return underscored her prowess as a leading lady, garnering accolades and the prestigious Padma Shri from the Indian government. Her versatility shone in the crime thriller “Mom,” which earned her the coveted National Film Award for best actress in 2017.

Sridevi’s legacy is etched in the fabric of Indian cinema. Not merely a thespian par excellence, she was a trailblazer who dismantled stereotypes and paved the way for women to seize central roles. As we celebrate her 60th birthday, we remember Sridevi as an unparalleled luminary and an inspiration to generations, forever weaving her magic into the tapestry of Indian cinema.

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