Google Doodle Pays Homage To India’s Independence Day With Textile Tribute Illustrated By Namrata Kumar

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New Delhi: As India celebrates its 77th Independence Day today, Google has joined in the festivities with an intricate and visually captivating Doodle. Illustrated by Namrata Kumar, a talented artist from New Delhi, the Doodle pays homage to India’s diverse textile craft forms, underscoring their profound connection to the country’s cultural identity.

The creative process behind this masterpiece involved meticulous research and selection. Kumar’s journey began by identifying an array of textile craft forms that span across India’s regions. She aimed to achieve a balanced representation of techniques, including embroidery, weaving, printing, and dyeing, while ensuring the colors and patterns remained true to their essence. The final patchwork is a harmonious amalgamation of these distinct craft forms, capturing the rich heritage that textiles hold within India.

“I wanted to shed light on the artistic brilliance of India’s textile traditions and create something that resonates with audiences through the Google Doodle platform,” Kumar shared in an exclusive interview. Her passion for textiles was deeply ingrained from her mother’s profession as a textile designer, and this project provided the perfect opportunity to celebrate the craftsmanship of artisans, weavers, dyers, and embroiderers who contribute to India’s creative spirit.

The designer had used the textiles of:

Kutch embroidery, Gujarat

Pattu weave – Himachal Pradesh

Jamdani weave – West Bengal

Kunbi weave textile – Goa

Fine ikat – Orissa

Pashmina kani woven textile – Jammu & Kashmir

Benarsi weave – Uttar Pradesh

Paithani weave – Maharashtra

Kantha embroidery – West Bengal

Naga woven textile – Nagaland

Ajrakh block printing – Kutch Gujarat

Apatani weave – Arunchal Pradesh

Phhulkari embroidery – Punjab

Leheriya resist dyed textile – Rajasthan

Kanjeevaram weave – Tamil Nadu

Sujni embroidery – Bihar

Bandhni resist dyed textile – Gujarat and Rajasthan

Kasavu weave textile – Kerala

Ilkal handloom weave – Karantaka

Mekhla chandor weave – Assam

Kalamkari bloc print – Andhra Pradesh

The Doodle encapsulates the essence of these celebrations, intertwining tradition with modernity. As the world increasingly shifts to digital platforms, the Doodle also offers an exciting Augmented Reality experience on Google Arts and Culture, allowing users to engage with the artwork in a dynamic way.

Namrata Kumar’s artistic tribute serves as a reminder of India’s remarkable journey to independence and its ongoing celebration of diverse cultural heritage. This Doodle is a testament to the power of art and technology in conveying historical significance and fostering a sense of unity. On this 77th Independence Day, India and the world unite in celebrating the nation’s vibrant past, present, and future.

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