Apple iPhone SE 4 Rumoured To Have iPhone 14 Like Look: Check Expected Features, And More

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New Delhi: In an exciting development, tech giant Apple is reportedly gearing up to launch the much-anticipated fourth-generation iPhone SE in 2025. Leaks suggest that Apple is set to make significant upgrades to the iPhone SE 4, bringing a fresh look and enhanced features to the affordable model.

According to recent reports from MacRumors, Apple is bidding farewell to the aging iPhone 8-style design, which has been the hallmark of the previous two generations of the iPhone SE.

Instead, the iPhone SE 4 is poised to showcase a more modern aesthetic, featuring an increased display size reminiscent of the base model iPhone 14.

The iPhone SE 4 is said to adopt a modified version of the existing iPhone 14 chassis, embracing a flat design and bidding adieu to the Touch ID home button. In a move towards a seamless, all-screen design, the iPhone SE 4 will incorporate Face ID for unlocking.

The reported weight of the iPhone SE 4 stands at a lighter 165 grams, about 6 grams less than the iPhone 14. This reduction is attributed to Apple’s decision to go for a single-camera design for the device, deviating from the dual-camera setup seen in the iPhone 14.

Speaking of cameras, the iPhone SE 4 is expected to feature a single 48MP rear camera, codenamed “Portland,” housed in a custom backplate designed to complement the device’s overall look.

While no major material changes are anticipated, MacRumors notes that the fourth-generation iPhone SE will continue to use the same 6013 T6 aluminum and glass backplate found in the iPhone 14.

Recent glimpses of iPhone SE 4 prototypes have showcased a sleek black color, resembling the Midnight variant available for the iPhone 14. This suggests that Apple might offer black as one of the color choices for the upcoming iPhone SE model.

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