Google’s AI Search Now Available In 120 Countries

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New Delhi: In a significant move, Google has announced the global rollout of its generative AI-powered search experience, spanning more than 120 countries. The Search Generative Experience (SGE) is set to support four additional languages—Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, and Indonesian.

The company claims that it will provide users with insightful overviews that consolidate the most relevant information available. (Also Read: Diwali 2023: What Is Muhurat Trading? Know Its Timing And More)

The tech giant also claims that users in the United States, India, and Japan have already expressed positive feedback about the recent launches of SGE, citing its utility in tackling complex queries that might not typically be part of their search repertoire. (Also Read: How to Reset/Change Your UPI PIN on Gpay, PhonePe, and Paytm App In Few Clicks? Check)

The company shared in a statement, “With SGE, we’re showing more links and links to a wider range of sources on the results page, creating new opportunities for content to be discovered.”

As part of the innovation, Google is introducing Search Labs, a platform for users to engage in early-stage experiments on Search. Accessible through the Google app (Android and iOS) and Chrome desktop, Search Labs empowers users to try out the SGE experiment, promising an enhanced search experience.

In addition to these developments, Google is experimenting with a feature that enables users to pose follow-up questions directly from the search results page.

This new capability allows users to revisit previous questions and search results, including dedicated ad slots for Search ads throughout the page.

A notable upcoming feature includes AI-powered translation, allowing users to ask Google to translate a phrase with ambiguous words. In such cases, users will see underlined terms, and by tapping on them, they can specify the desired meaning.

Initially launching in the United States for English-to-Spanish translations, Google plans to extend this functionality to more countries and languages soon.

Furthermore, Google is enhancing the search experience by highlighting specific words on relevant searches. Users can hover over these words to preview definitions or view related images.

This update, initially rolling out in English in the United States, is expected to reach more countries and languages over the next month.

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