WhatsApp Rolls Out New Formatting Tool For Desktop Users To Customize Messages While Sending

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New Delhi: WhatsApp, the instant communication app, is reportedly rolling out new text formatting tools to enable users to customize the appearance of their messages. These tools, which include code blocking, quoting specific text, and creating lists, are aimed at enhancing the user experience while sending messages.

According to Wabetainfo, the feature is now available to some beta testers who previously joined the official beta program of WhatsApp Web.

Code Blocks: Simplifying Text Sharing

Primarily aimed at software engineers and programmers, Code Blocks have found utility beyond technical domains. By encapsulating text within backticks (`), users can highlight code snippets or simply format their messages for better clarity. This feature not only serves professionals in sharing code efficiently but also benefits everyday conversations by providing a structured way to present information.

Quote Blocks: Responding with Precision

The Quote Block feature allows users to respond to specific segments of previous messages. By adding the “>” character before the text, individuals can reference a particular part of a conversation, fostering clearer and more targeted communication. This feature greatly aids in maintaining context and directing responses in a more organized manner.

Lists: Structuring Information

Organizing information becomes more systematic with Lists. Users can create ordered lists by prefacing their text with “*”, “-”, or numbers, enabling a clearer representation of ideas and data. Whether for creating to-do lists or outlining points in a discussion, Lists contribute to a more organized exchange of information.

As we mentioned earlier, the company has rolled out initially for beta users. It is expected to roll out widely soon to all users globally.

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