Bengaluru Shopkeeper Falls Victim To Cashback Scam, Loses Rs 95,000

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New Delhi: Using digital tools is making things easier, helping you get more work done, and making more money. It also lets you connect with new customers and reach new places to sell your stuff. But along with the growing acceptance, it also carries risks. As a result, for some time you may read or go through cyber fraud cases.

This time, a 49-year-old shopkeeper in Bengaluru faced a nightmare after seeking cashback for his transactions. Suresh M, the owner of a condiments shop in the Hosapalya area, found himself in the midst of an alleged scam, losing a significant amount of Rs 95,000. (Also Read: From Tata To Birla: Check List Of Prominent Industrialists Invited For Ram Temple Consecration)

The Deceptive Offer

According to reports from the Times of India, Suresh was approached by an individual claiming to represent a digital payment app. The person offered him a loan, which Suresh declined. (Also Read: From Tata To Birla: Check List Of Prominent Industrialists Invited For Ram Temple Consecration)

However, the situation took a troubling turn when the stranger suggested adjusting the settings on Suresh’s Paytm account to receive Rs 150 cashback for each transaction of Rs 2,500.

Falling Into The Trap

In an attempt to activate the promised cashback offer, Suresh was asked to pay Re. 1 to the individual. Despite paying three times, Suresh did not receive any cashback activation message.

The alleged scammer, a 28-year-old individual not fluent in Kannada, took control of Suresh’s phone under the pretense of activating the cashback offer.

Discovering The Scam

Upon retrieving his phone, Suresh realized that his internet connection was disabled. Seeking help from a nearby shopkeeper, he learned that his mobile data had been turned off.

Then, he received a shocking message upon turning on the mobile data – Rs. 95,000 had been debited from his account.

Filing A Complaint

Realizing he had fallen victim to a scam, Suresh promptly complained to the Bandepalya police station. The police registered a case under section 420 of the Indian Penal Code for cheating and dishonestly inducing the delivery of property.

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