NASA, DOD Seek Universities to Develop CubeSats for Launch 

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NASA is collaborating with the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Space Force to offer a set of hands-on learning engagements that will help higher education institutions, faculty, and students learn more about what it takes to build small satellites and be selected for flight opportunities. 

Teams selected for the University Nanosatellite Program Mission Concepts 2024 Summer Series will receive systems engineering training that prepares them for the industrial workforce while developing small satellite expertise at U.S. universities. The program, which runs from May through August 2024, also enhances students’ potential to be selected for flights to space as part of NASA’s CSLI (CubeSat Launch Initiative) and the U.S. Air Force University Nanosatellite Program in 2024. 

The program allows faculty and students to form teams without draining university resources, and includes travel funding for kickoff, final event, and any in-person reviews, among other benefits. 

All U.S colleges and universities are eligible, and teams at minority-serving institutions and historically Black colleges and universities are strongly encouraged to apply for the Mission Concepts 2024 Summer Series in accordance with the criteria in the request for proposal. The solicitation will be available on Tuesday, Jan. 16, with a deadline to apply on Friday, Feb. 9. 

NASA’s CSLI and the agency’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida university partnerships and small satellite capabilities manager conduct the program for NASA. The agency’s collaboration with the U.S Air Force and U.S. Space Force helps broaden access to space and strengthen the capabilities and knowledge of higher education institutions, faculty, and students. 

To attend an upcoming virtual question and answer session about Mission Concepts 2024, please email

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