OpenAI To Introduce ChatGPT In Classrooms: Here’s How It Will Help Students

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New Delhi: Arizona State University has joined forces with OpenAI to incorporate ChatGPT into the educational environment. This collaboration aims to introduce the features of ChatGPT Enterprise to higher education, marking a groundbreaking initiative in leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance learning, foster creativity, and positively impact student outcomes, as stated in a press release by Arizona State University.

ASU Chief Information Officer Lev Gonick, when discussing the utilization of ChatGPT in educational settings highlighted that research indicates nearly two-thirds of organizations are actively considering incorporating AI. (Read More: FB, Instagram Collect All The Data They Can: Report)

He emphasized that by making advanced AI capabilities accessible, such tools are democratizing the use of AI. This means that individuals and organizations regardless of their size or available resources can now leverage the power of AI for creative and innovative pursuits. (Read More: ‘We Have To Make Tough Choices’: Google CEO Sundar Pichai Hints More Layoffs In Coming) 

Adding to the statement Gonick emphasizes the aim of utilizing ASU’s knowledge base to create AI-driven projects. These projects are intended to bring about significant changes in educational methods, support scholarly research, and enhance administrative efficiency within the university. Moreover, Annes Jones, the vice provost for undergraduate education at ASU informed The Verge that several professors have begun incorporating generative AI into their courses. 

How Will It Help Students?

Starting in February the university will start receiving applications from both faculty and students to explore creative applications of ChatGPT Enterprise. The three key areas of application for ChatGPT include enhancing student success, fostering novel approaches to research, and optimizing organizational workflows, as per the ASU announcement.

As reported by the Verge, Arizona State University has become the inaugural higher education institution to collaborate with OpenAI. It has recently initiated partnerships with public entities, such as one with the Pennsylvania state government, aiming to introduce ChatGPT Enterprise for state employees.

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, is currently engaged in discussions with major media entities including CNN, Fox Corporation, and Time, to finalize licensing agreements for their content. OpenAI is reportedly in negotiations to obtain the rights to use articles from CNN, a subsidiary of Warner Bros.

Discovery Inc, for the training of ChatGPT and integration of CNN’s content into OpenAI’s products. These discussions encompass not only text licensing but also extend to include video and image content, as per report from Bloomberg.

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