Shutter Love: The Most Loved Camera Models and Brands

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In the world of photography, the tools of the trade define the quality and creativity of the images produced.

To see which ones do the job best, the team at Electronics Hub took a deep dive into over a million pictures posted on Flickr. They analyzed a range of tags, then calculated the average number of favorites per photo for each camera brand and model.

And they translated all that data into the charts and graphs below.

Here’s a look at which camera brands and models received the most love from Flickr.

The Most Loved Camera Brands

The Electronics Hub researchers began the study by looking at the most loved camera brands, according to data from Flickr.

Out of all the big names, Olympus came out on top, with an impressive 26.6 favorites per Flickr photo.

The Model That Snapped the Most Loved Photos on Flickr

Out of the thousands of great cameras, which produced the most loved photos on Flickr?

The answer is the Canon EOS M6 Mark II. It scored 138.9 faves.

The Fujifilm X-H1 came second. But with a Flickr favor ratio of 99, it was a long way off challenging the Canon for top spot.

Most Loved Camera Phones

A combination of cutting-edge technology, sophisticated software, and a user-friendly interface put the iPhone camera miles ahead of its rivals.

So it’s no surprise that Apple dominated the chart for the camera phone with the most Flickr favorites. It holds 6 of the top 10 spots, with the iPhone 13 Pro scoring the highest (29.8 favorites).

The Best Camera Model for Landscape Photos

The Sony’s Alpha a6300 is the best model for snapping stunning pictures of natural landscapes, according to Flickr users. It has an average of 294 faves per Flickr photo. Impressive stuff.

Let’s look at some specs that make this the perfect model for landscape photos. The a6300 features a 24.2-megapixel APS-C sensor for high-resolution images, capturing the fine details and natural texture that define a truly great landscape photo. And its compact and lightweight design is ideal for those long-distance hikes into the wilderness.

The Most Loved Model for Wildlife Photos

Wildlife photographers can wait hours, days, or even weeks for the perfect shot. So when it finally comes along, they need to know they have the best camera for the job.

In this case, that’s the Olympus E-M10 Mark II, which scored 224.1 on the Flickr favorite ratio.

It’s the camera of choice for many famous wildlife photographers, including Martin Belan. “A superb camera for professionals and amateurs,” says Belan. “Its custom mode dials, silent shooting mode, and faster shutter speeds are exactly what you need when trying to capture that one iconic moment, which often happens in a split second.”

Photographing Beautiful Buildings

What does it take to snap a beautiful picture of an iconic landmark, building, or ancient historic site?

It takes the Fujifilm X30 model. This lightweight, retro model received the highest ratio of favorites (438.1) of all architecture-themed pictures posted on Flickr.

But here’s the bad news: Finding this model can be tough and expensive. The X30 was discontinued in 2021, and this little slice of Fujifilm’s history is highly sought after in the used market.

Cameras for Photographing Food

There’s more to photographing food than posting on the ‘gram. In fact, there’s a real art to food photography that can take years to perfect.

It requires careful composition, lighting, and styling to highlight textures, colors, and details, creating an image that evokes the taste and conveys a mood and feeling.

Nothing does that better than the Nikon D500 (64.5 favorites per Flickr photo). The Nikon D500 was purpose-built for food photography. Its advanced autofocus system guarantees hyper-sharp focus, highlighting textures and details in food. And the color rendition is superb at highlighting the vibrant colors and tones that make food photos look super appealing.

The Most Beloved Camera on Flickr For Fashion Photos

Fashion and photography are deeply interconnected. Fashion photography documents details the artistry of clothing and design, while the creative collaboration between photographers and fashion designers leads to iconic images that define trends and entire eras.

If you want to contribute to the art of fashion photography, then there’s no better tool than the Fujifilm GFX100s. It’s the camera of choice for professionals, aspiring amateurs, and, most importantly, people posting and perusing pics on Flickr.

Cameras Model for Portrait Pictures

The Electronics Hub study rounds off with the camera that produced the most loved portrait pictures on Flickr.

The Nikon Z7 II tops that table with 138.8 favorites per Flickr photo.

Flickr isn’t the only place where you’ll find a lot of love for the Nikon Z7 II. “The Nikon Z7 II is a true game-changer,” reads one review posted by Digital Photography Review. “It’s not just a camera; it’s an artist’s companion that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in photography.”


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