Instagram Could Introduce AI-Assisted Messaging For Writing Messages: Report

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New Delhi: Reports suggest that Instagram, owned by Meta, plans to implement artificial intelligence (AI) support in its messaging feature. App researcher Alessandro Paluzzi has posted a screenshot revealing an upcoming feature on X (formerly Twitter), showing Instagram’s progress in enabling AI assistance for composing messages.

This development indicates that Instagram is working on allowing users to create messages with AI support. The feature is anticipated to provide users with the option to paraphrase their messages in different styles similar to Google’s Magic Compose feature. (Also Read: Apple Rolls Out Redesigned iCloud App For Windows)

Meta is progressively introducing innovative experiences through a new category of generative AI functionalities which will enrich connections among users. Described as an assistant accessible for both one-on-one conversations and group interactions, Meta AI serves a multitude of functions such as suggesting recommendations, delivering entertaining content, resolving disputes, and sharing knowledge. (Also Read: Google Introduces Gemini Advanced AI Subscription In India; Check Out Price, Benefits)

“We are initially launching AIs exclusively in the US. To engage with Meta AI, users can initiate a new message and select ‘Create an AI chat’ within our messaging platforms, or simply type ‘@MetaAI’ in a group chat,” said the company.

Through a variety of AI personalities inspired by celebrities like MrBeast and Charli D’Amelio, the Meta AI assistant is set to expand its presence across WhatsApp. These characters, represented by well-known figures such as Tom Brady, MrBeast, and Naomi Osaka, are tailored to serve various roles, ranging from participating in sports discussions to delivering comedic content and offering expertise in cosplay.

Meta AI is set to integrate with Instagram’s Reels offering users suggestions for travel destinations derived from video reviews, dance tutorials, and creative project ideas.

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