Meet Nisha Bothra: 26 Year Old On Mission To Save Dhokra Shilpkala Through Ocher Studio

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Ocher Studio, under the stewardship of Ms. Nisha Bothra, has become a beacon of cultural preservation and contemporary design. At just 26 years old, Bothra has embarked on a commendable mission to safeguard Dhokra Shilpkala, an age-old art form, through her innovative venture established in 2018.

Marking a significant milestone, Ocher Studio recently had the honor of presenting a bespoke masterpiece to the President of India, a testament to the studio’s dedication to heritage preservation. This masterpiece, now housed in the esteemed President’s Museum, symbolizes the studio’s commitment to cultural legacy.

With a collection that includes bespoke handcrafted nameplates and the distinctive Tortoise Candle Holder, Ocher Studio weaves a narrative of triumph and resilience in the preservation of traditional arts. It stands as a symbol of victory, championing the cause of heritage in the modern design realm.

Nisha Bothra’s vision transcends the boundaries of a mere studio; it’s a sanctuary where age-old traditions and modern design concepts coexist in harmony. Ocher Studio, celebrated for its contribution to the arts, embodies Bothra’s dedication to cultural preservation and her ambition to bridge the past with the present.

Ocher Studio serves as a cultural emissary, inviting enthusiasts to explore the rich tapestry of heritage art forms blended with contemporary aesthetics. It represents not just a brand, but a movement towards the preservation of cultural identity through the lens of artistic innovation and timeless traditions.

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