Meta To Label AI-Generated Images Across Social Media Platforms; Details Here

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New Delhi: Meta on Tuesday revealed plans to implement labelling for AI-generated images across its entire social media platforms which includes Instagram, Facebook, and Threads, in the upcoming months. 

While Meta currently utilizes ‘Imagined with AI’ tags for images generated via its own Meta AI feature. Now, the company aims to extend this labelling practice to AI-generated images from other tech giants in the industry, including Google and OpenAI.

In a blog post, Meta’s president of global affairs Nick Clegg wrote “As the difference between human and synthetic content gets blurred, people want to know where the boundary lies… So it’s important that we help people know when photorealistic content they’re seeing has been created using AI. We do that by applying “Imagined with AI” labels to photorealistic images created using our Meta AI feature.” (Also Read: Xiaomi 14 Series Global Launch Date Confirmed; Check Expected Price, Specs, Camera And More)

Adding further, Clegg asserted “That’s why we’ve been working with industry partners to align on common technical standards that signal when a piece of content has been created using AI. Being able to detect these signals will make it possible for us to label AI-generated images that users post to Facebook, Instagram and Threads.”  

Moreover, Meta is working with other leading tech giants to establish common standards for identifying AI-generated content using forums like Partnership on AI. (Also Read: Company Loses Rs 200 Crore In Deepfake Scam Via Fake ‘CFO’ Video Call)

However, the Meta indicates that it can only start labelling these images as ‘AI-generated’ once companies such as Google, OpenAI, Microsoft, Adobe, Midjourney, and Shutterstock start adding metadata to images generated using their AI generator tools. (With Inputs From Reuters)

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