Mozilla Monitor’s New Service Will Protect Your Personal Data Online; Details Here

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New Delhi: Mozilla Firefox introduces a new subscription service model that will help people to locate and remove their personal and sensitive information from data broker websites across the internet. This new subscription model is dubbed Mozilla Monitor Plus.

According to the company, the new Mozilla Monitor Plus subscription model allows users to eliminate their phone numbers, email, home addresses, and other exposed information typically sold for profit on data broker platforms. It’s worth noting that Mozilla already provides a free privacy monitoring service called Mozilla Monitor, previously known as Firefox Monitor. Now, these services have been revamped to bolster user privacy. (Also Read: Redmi A3 Launch Date Confirmed In India, Check Expected Specs, Colours, Camera And More) 

Mozilla Monitor Plus will allow over 10 million existing Mozilla Monitor users to conduct scans to detect potential leaks of their personal information and then offer users a tool to help make that information private again. The primary objective of Mozilla Monitor is to simplify this process by actively searching across 190 data broker websites known for trading individuals’ personal and private information.

To initiate a scan, users have to provide Mozilla with their first and last names, current city and state, date of birth, and email address. This information undergoes encryption and adheres to Mozilla’s privacy policy. Utilizing this data, Mozilla conducts a scan that identifies instances where personal information is exposed, including through data breaches and broker’s websites. 

Notably, the company highlights that 233 million individuals fell victim to data breaches in 2023 alone, underscoring the importance of such a tool these days. (Also Read: CEO Satya Nadella Wants Microsoft To ‘Copilot’ India’s AI Journey To Foster Innovation)

Subscribers to Mozilla Monitor Plus will enjoy the benefits of monthly scans and automatic removals. Initially, both the free scan and paid service will be available exclusively to users within the United States.

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