Customer Orders Nothing Phone (2a) Priced Rs 20,000, Receives Device Worth Rs 45,00: Read More Details Here

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New Delhi: You must have chance encountered incidents where online shopping goes wrong. In the latest case, a Flipkart customer, Malik Tuyyab from Delhi, shared his disappointment after receiving the wrong product from the e-commerce giant. He took to X (formerly Twitter) to express his concern.

Tuyyab claimed that he ordered a Nothing Phone (2a) from Flipkart but was dismayed to receive a smartphone from the brand Ikall instead. Despite having an unboxing video as evidence, Flipkart rejected his return request twice. (Also Read: 7 Last-Minute Saving Instruments)

Post On Social Media

Taking to social media platform X, Tuyyab expressed his frustration with Flipkart’s handling of the situation. He detailed his attempts to return the incorrect device, stating, “I’ve been trying to return/replace the product since yesterday, but I’ve received no support from your end.”

Return Requests Rejected

Flipkart rejected Tuyyab’s first return request, citing reasons he deemed “whimsical.” The rejection was based on the courier service provider confirming delivery of the order with the product intact.

Similarly, his second replacement request was turned down because he was unable to upload the necessary images.

Third Replacement Request

The customer, Tuyyab further claimed that he filed a third replacement request with Flipkart and lodged a complaint with the National Consumer Helpline.

He expressed his disappointment with Flipkart’s return policies, stating, “It’s unfortunate that such restrictive return policies push consumers towards offline markets, contradicting the advancements of the modern internet era.”

Flipkart Yet To Respond

Tuyyab claims that Flipkart has not yet responded to his complaint on X.

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