Online Food Delivery Platform Criticized As Girl Dies After Consuming Birthday Cake Ordered Online

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New Delhi: In a tragic incident, a 10 year old girl’s reported death after consuming her birthday cake ordered online in Patiala. Social media users have expressed outrage towards the online food delivery platform. Criticism has been directed at these platforms for what netizens perceive as inadequate regulation, particularly concerning Cloud kitchens listed on food-delivery apps.

A case has been filed by the police under Sections 273 and 304-A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) in response to a complaint filed by the family of the deceased girl. The complaint alleged that the girl passed away after consuming the birthday cake, and other family members also became ill after eating it. (Also Read: Viral Trend On X: What Is ‘Click Here’ Feature; BJP And AAP Join Bandwagon)

According to the bill for the cake ordered by the deceased girl’s mother, Kajal, there is no store named ‘Cake Kanha’ at the listed address in Patiala. Authorities suspect that the bakery operates as a cloud kitchen. Furthermore, another receipt from Zomato indicates that the billing originated from Amritsar, rather than Patiala. (Also Read: Google To Suspend Political Ads In South Korea Ahead Of Elections)

Zomato refrained from providing any comments despite repeated attempts to reach out, as reported by IANS.

Dr. Nandita Iyer, an experienced food and nutrition columnist, expressed on X platform that Swiggy and Zomato need to clearly indicate on each listing whether it operates as a cloud kitchen. She suggested that this would help customers make informed decisions before placing their orders.

“Such incidents are a harsh reminder that we have no idea what goes into the food we order from these completely unregulated places,” Iyer wrote on the social media platform.

Fitness professional Chirag Barjatya said that food safety is a joke.

“You will be surprised to know that people are running 20 different ‘restaurants’ in 1RK (room kitchen) as cloud kitchens listed over food-delivering apps. You have no idea how many mice and cockroaches were around the food you just ordered. And you have absolutely no idea if the cooked dal or rice you ordered has expired,” Barjatya posted on X. (With IANS Inputs)

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