Rare 4GB Original iPhone Goes Up For Auction: Here’s All You Need To Know

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New Delhi: Apple is one of the famous iPhone manufacturers and the company is known for setting trends across smartphone specifications. For the first time in 2007, Apple changed the tech industry with its iPhone. Today iPhone is a craze for many.

Now, in 2024, one of the original iPhones is grabbing headlines once again because it is up for auction. (Also Read: Advance Income Tax Deadline Today: Check What It Is, Who Needs To Pay, & How To Pay)

Rare 4GB Version iPhone

This isn’t your average iPhone, it’s an ultra-rare 4GB version, a model that Apple only produced briefly before transitioning to an 8GB version. Its scarcity has turned it into a coveted collector’s item. (Also Read: Opportunity To Invest In These SBI Higher Rates FD To Close On March 31: Check Interest Rates, Tenures & More)

Auction Price

Last year, a similar 4GB iPhone fetched a staggering $190,000 at auction, shattering previous records. Compared to the 8GB model, which previously held the record at $63,000, the 4GB version commands significantly higher prices due to its rarity.

Since then, a handful of these rare iPhones have surfaced for sale, with prices reaching as high as $133,000 and $87,000. Now, another one has entered the auction arena, starting at a bid of $10,000.

About Rare 4GB iPhone

This particular iPhone remains sealed in its original packaging. This device is untouched and unused.

Speculations About Auction Price

There’s a buzz of excitement surrounding this auction, with speculations swirling about whether the 4GB iPhone will surpass previous sales records and command a price exceeding $200,000.

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