Bill Gates Surprised By AI Advancements, Discusses Future With OpenAI CEO

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New Delhi: Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates recently expressed his surprise at the remarkable sophistication of AI models like ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI. While acknowledging the complexity of these models in encoding information such as Shakespearean texts, Gates admitted to being skeptical initially but was pleasantly surprised by their advancements.

Sam Altman’s Views On AI Development

During a conversation on Gates’ podcast “Unconfuse Me with Bill Gates,” OpenAI CEO Sam Altman shed light on the current state and prospects of AI. (Also Read: Ramadan 2024: Swiggy Latest Report Reveals Trending Iftar Foods Across India)

Altman highlighted the growing focus on interpretability research, which aims to unravel the intricacies of AI encoding and operations. (Also Read: Setback For OnePlus? Mobile Retailers’ Body Threatens To Stop Sales From May 1)

Drawing parallels with the understanding of human brain function, Altman expressed optimism about comprehending AI technology over time, enhancing its development and application.

Altman recalled the early stages of AI development, noting that when OpenAI built GPT-1, they lacked a deep understanding of how or why it worked.

Bill Gates’ Views On AI

Gates emphasized AI’s potential to address significant challenges, including solving complex social issues and transforming sectors like healthcare and education. However, he also expressed concerns about the potential downsides of advanced artificial intelligence, particularly regarding job displacement.

Gates candidly admitted that even he could potentially lose his job to AI, sharing a humorous yet thought-provoking scenario where the machine prioritizes tasks like malaria eradication over his own contributions.

“I get a lot of excitement that, hey, I’m good at working on malaria eradication… When the machine says to me, ‘Bill, go play pickleball, I’ve got malaria eradication. You’re just a slow thinker,’ then it is a philosophically confusing thing,” Gates remarked.

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