Disney+ To Crack Down On Password Sharing Service From June 2024; Check Details

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New Delhi: Disney+, the popular streaming platform is set to implement restrictions on password sharing, following in the footsteps of Netflix. Disney CEO Bob Iger announced plans for this change, describing it as the company’s “launching our first real foray into password sharing” which is scheduled to launch in June 2024.

While specifics regarding the policy’s implementation and whether it will limit password sharing beyond households remain undisclosed, the CEO emphasized the initiative’s alignment with Disney’s aim to enhance streaming revenue. (Also Read: Extravagant Auction In Dubai: THIS Unique Mobile Number Sold For 7 Crore Rupees)

Iger highlighted the importance of streaming for Disney’s profit objectives, underscoring the need to address password sharing as a crucial strategy. The company aims to roll out initial measures in June, starting with selected countries, with plans for global expansion by September. (Also Read: OnePlus Nord CE4 5G Goes On Sale For First Time On Amazon; Check Price, Offers For Early Birds)

“In June, we’ll be launching our first real foray into password sharing. Just a few countries in a few markets, but then it will grow significantly with a full rollout in September,” Iger mentioned during the interview. The plan for implementing the crackdown involves two steps: Firstly, a launch in certain markets by June 2024, followed by a global expansion and full implementation by September 2024.

“We feel great about the engagement of those Disney subs who are not getting Hulu who are now watching more programs that were on Hulu, including Shogun.. We have to increase engagement. We need the technological tools to lower churn, create more stickiness. It’s things like recommendation engines, getting to know our customers better,” Iger stated to CNBC.

Furthermore, Iger disclosed that Disney intends to link user identities across multiple platforms such as Hulu, Disney+, ESPN, and cable. This integrated identity system is deemed crucial for implementing their forthcoming password-sharing limitations.

CEO Bob Iger has ambitious goals for the streaming industry, including launching a separate ESPN streaming platform. He is also optimistic that Disney+ will become profitable by the end of 2024, and the introduction of paid account sharing could expedite this objective.

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