‘Don’t Be A Fanboy’: boAt Takes On Apple In Its New Ad Campaign; Here’s How Netizens React

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New Delhi: In a world full of competitive markets, all companies use creativity to grab the attention of consumers and gain an edge in the market. India’s fastest-growing audio wearable brand, boAt, showcased its creativity in a recent ad by taking a sarcastic dig at its Cupertino-based competitor, Apple.

Now, the consumer electronics brand has played with words without directly naming Apple. The company used terms like ‘i’, ‘pro-max’, and the social recognition associated with Apple products in its latest advertisement. 

Indian audio brand also urged people to switch from Apple to boAt. Meanwhile, many people appreciated the brand’s creativity in the campaign, but several users were left unimpressed.

The audio product company boAt shared a recent advertisement in video format on X. In the promotional video titled “Don’t be a Fanboy” released by the company on X platform, a proud member of the boAt community, referred to as a “boAthead,” is portrayed alongside a family of dedicated “Fanboys” symbolizing Apple enthusiasts. 

The advertisement humorously showcases the innovative features of boAt’s latest products while gently poking fun at the family’s loyalty to traditional features and Apple’s legacy products like AirPods. 

Apart from this, the official handle of boAt mentioned that, “Disclaimer: No Fruits were harmed in the making of this film. It’s time to give an Indian brand a chance to compete on the global level. Don’t be a fanboy, be a boAthead.” 

Here’s How Netizens React?

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