Essajees Atelier: How Are Restaurants And F&B Outlets Designed? Decode Answer Here

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Design studios play a pivotal role in crafting the ambiance and functionality of restaurants and F&B outlets. Their expertise in spatial planning, interior design, and branding ensures that establishments resonate with their target audience. A well-designed space enhances customer experience, encouraging repeat visits and positive word-of-mouth. Studios consider layout efficiency, lighting, and aesthetic appeal to create inviting atmospheres conducive to dining. Effective design not only elevates the dining experience but also aligns with the brand’s identity, fostering brand recognition and loyalty. Ultimately, design studios help restaurants and F&B outlets differentiate themselves in a competitive market, contributing to their success and longevity.

“At Essajees, I worked in the projects division where I worked for 5 years with the world’s top design studios on the execution of various projects. Some of the projects I’ve been personally involved in include the Ambani home Antilia, the renovations at Taj Palace Hotel in Mumbai after the 26/11 attacks and the Taj Downtown in Dubai. After working for 5 years, I realised my true passion was interior design and so I went back to school for 2 years at Rachna Sansad, Mumbai, where I completed my interior design education and finished the course at the top of my class with a first class first distinction. I called my studio Essajees Atelier as a nod to my background and roots,” principal designer of Essajees Sarah Sham said. 

Essajees Atelier has solidified its position as the preferred design studio for some of the country’s top restaurants and F&B outlets by consistently delivering exceptional design solutions that elevate the dining experience to new heights. One of the key reasons why Essajees Atelier is sought after by renowned restaurants and F&B outlets is its ability to create immersive dining environments that perfectly encapsulate the brand’s identity and concept. The studio works closely with clients to understand their vision, brand values, and target audience, ensuring that every design element reflects the unique personality of the establishment.

Furthermore, Essajees Atelier stays abreast of the latest trends and innovations in the F&B industry, allowing it to offer cutting-edge design solutions that set its clients apart from the competition. Whether it’s incorporating sustainable practices, integrating technology-driven features, or experimenting with avant-garde design elements, the studio brings a fresh perspective to every project.

The success of Essajees Atelier in the realm of restaurant and F&B design is also attributed to its ability to create memorable and Instagram-worthy spaces that resonate with diners and drive foot traffic. By combining captivating aesthetics with functionality and comfort, the studio helps its clients create a distinctive brand identity and cultivate a loyal customer base.

Overall, Essajees Atelier’s reputation as the preferred design studio for top restaurants and F&B outlets is a testament to its creativity, expertise, and commitment to excellence. By consistently delivering exceptional design solutions that enhance the dining experience, the studio continues to leave an indelible mark on the hospitality industry landscape.

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