Extravagant Auction In Dubai: THIS Unique Mobile Number Sold For 7 Crore Rupees

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New Delhi: Dubai’s reputation for luxury and extravagance means it’s expected that the richest residents enjoy a lavish lifestyle. In a recent event, a notable gathering of affluent UAE residents took place for The Most Noble Numbers charity auction.

Within the UAE, possessions like distinct number plates and sim cards have transformed into symbols of prestige among the nation’s elite. Notably, amidst the auctioned items, one mobile number, ‘058-7777777’ stirred intense competition among eager bidders. (Also Read: OnePlus Nord CE4 5G Goes On Sale For First Time On Amazon; Check Price, Offers For Early Birds)

All attention was focused on the sim card, ultimately selling for an astounding AED 3,200,000 (approximately Rs 7 Crore). Bidding for this coveted number commenced at AED 100,000 (approximately Rs 22 Lakh) which quickly  escalated within seconds to AED 3. Likewise, other numbers containing the digit 7 also garnered interest from attendees. (Also Read: Higgsfield AI Unveils Image To Video Generator App: Check How It Works)

The auction reportedly amassed over AED 38.095 million (approximately Rs 86 Crore) in total, with AED 29 million (approximately Rs 65 Crore) solely from the sale of exclusive car number plates. Furthermore, bids for special numbers from Etisalat brought in AED 4.135 million (approximately Rs 9 Crore), while du’s special numbers garnered AED 4.935 million (approximately Rs 11 Crore).

The auction showcased a total of 10 elaborate car number plates and 21 mobile numbers from telecom giants Du and Etisalat. The funds raised from this auction were committed to backing the Dh1-billion Mothers’ Endowment campaign launched by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

The post garnered various responses with some of them being:

One user mentioned, “Bro paid 3 million dollars for everyone to now know his cell number”

Another user asked, “Does that helps the buyer has more ability of negotiating?”

The third user remarked, “People got so much money, they spending on expensive SIM cards now”

A fourth user inquired, “ What is the obsession with numbers? I don’t get it. Can someone elaborate? 

The fifth user simply stated, “no more privacy”.

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