Higgsfield AI Unveils Image To Video Generator App: Check How It Works

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New Delhi: Higgsfield AI, a video AI company, has recently launched its first artificial intelligence (AI)-powered app for smartphones, named Diffuse. This mobile application serves as an image-to-video generator. As per the details, it is capable of transforming a selfie into a lifelike character within a video.

What Is Diffuse?

Diffuse, the brainchild of Higgsfield AI, launched to change video content creation by offering users the ability to seamlessly integrate themselves into videos. (Also Read: Customer Gets Delayed Food Delivery On Tuesday, Swiggy Blames ‘Weekend Peak Hour’, Chat Goes Viral)

How Diffuse Works?

The app utilizes advanced AI algorithms to generate personalized characters with lifelike motion, all from a single selfie. (Also Read: Security Alert For Android Users! Indian Govt Issued High-Risk Warning: Read More)

Diffuse: Availability

Initially, Diffuse is being gradually introduced to select markets, with availability on both Android and iOS platforms. Users in regions such as India, South Africa, the Philippines, Canada, and countries in Central Asia can access the app as it is gradually rolled out.

Diffuse: Features

With Diffuse, users have the flexibility to choose from a library of video content or create personalized videos from scratch using text, images, or existing video clips.

AI Technology Behind Diffuse

Higgsfield AI is committed to developing cutting-edge AI technology to power Diffuse and future endeavors. The company’s foundational model, built entirely from scratch, employs transformer architectures similar to those used by OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Additionally, Higgsfield AI has leveraged proprietary frameworks developed in-house to efficiently train its AI model on limited GPU resources.

Future Plans

While Diffuse is currently available in preview mode, offering 2-second video generation, Higgsfield AI aims to enhance its capabilities further. The company’s ultimate goal is to achieve realistic, detailed, and fluid video generation directly on mobile devices. Although the full version release date remains undisclosed, Higgsfield AI continues to work towards refining its AI technology for public release.

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