Vivo Smartphone Issue: Users Flag Display Concerns And Give Angry Reactions On X; Check Here

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New Delhi: Smartphones have seamlessly integrated into our daily lives. When selecting a new smartphone, we meticulously scrutinize its features such as camera quality, design, display, processor speed, colour options, and battery life. Typically, a smartphone that perfectly aligns with our needs comes with a price tag ranging from 20 to 25 thousand rupees.

Smartphones falling within this price range are categorized as mid-range smartphones. In middle-class households, purchasing a smartphone often involves a significant investment. However, if the device starts causing issues after a while, it can be immensely frustrating for users. Not only does it lead to inconvenience, but it also disrupts daily tasks.

Recently, some users of Vivo smartphones, a Chinese manufacturer, have encountered unexpected issues. Users have reported observing green or blue lines appearing on their device displays, which significantly impacts usability.

Issue In Vivo Phones: What’s the Matter? 

The problem has grabbed the attention of social media platforms, particularly X (formerly known as Twitter), where numerous users have tagged Vivo and shared images showcasing the issue. What’s particularly noteworthy is that this problem isn’t isolated to just one user; rather, several users are experiencing similar display issues with their Vivo smartphones.

It is intresting to know that it’s not just one user. There are many users whose smartphone displays are showing green lines. One user @lakshmanummidi wrote on April 7th – “This is vivo v25 pro, we earned a very hard working money, this mobile purchase last 1 half year, today we use this phone suddenly appear pink blue straight line, it doesn’t disappear,  my kindly request to please solve this issue 

@vivo India.”

Another VIVO user is encountering an issue with their VIVO display, prompting a need for troubleshooting or technical assistance to resolve the problem effectively.

In addition, user X named Sandeep wrote a post on April 9th and also shared a picture. The user wrote, “Hello Vivo, this morning my Vivo X80 Pro’s display is showing green lines. Please solve this problem.”

OnePlus To Provide Lifetime Warranty For Screen 

Similar to Vivo, OnePlus smartphones are also facing the same issue. Green lines are appearing on their screens. Many people have complained about this, initially OnePlus was not providing any solution to this problem. But now the company has broken its silence. According to the news of 91mobiles, OnePlus has announced that they will provide a lifetime warranty for faulty screens along with some special upgrade discounts on certain OnePlus models.

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