WhatsApp Alert! When Does WhatsApp Ban Your Account? Here Are 5 Tips To Protect It

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New Delhi: WhatsApp, an instant messaging platform owned by Meta is quite popular among people. Recently, WhatsApp has banned millions of accounts from spreading fake news in the country. In February, WhatsApp closed more than 76 million accounts in India to prevent fake news and wrongdoing. Do you know when WhatsApp bans your account? Let me tell you its rules. 

Reasons Why A WhatsApp Account Is Banned

If you send spam messages, spread misinformation, or engage in fraud on WhatsApp, your account may be banned. Sharing pornographic content, violence, or content inciting hatred can also lead to action being taken against you and your account being banned.

Enforcement of Government Regulations

The company says it has closed these accounts while complying with the IT Rules 2021 of the Indian government. WhatsApp has stated that it closed a total of 7,628,000 accounts between February 1 and February 29. Of these, 1,424,000 accounts were closed before any user complaints were received, meaning WhatsApp itself observed wrongdoing in these accounts and took action against them. (Also Read: Instagram’s Income In 2022 Will Leave You Surprised; Meta-Owned Platform Earned THIS Much)

More than 16,500 Complaints Received

This messaging app, with over 500 million users in India, received a record 16,618 complaints in February. Action was taken only in 22 cases. Taking action means that WhatsApp took action against the account based on the complaint, such as banning the account or reactivating previously banned accounts.

WhatsApp’s Security Measures

The company says it employs several methods to prevent fake news and wrongdoing. For this, it not only uses security features but also employs a team of engineers, data scientists, and experts in law, online security, and technology. These people monitor the activity of accounts after they are created and also take action based on user complaints. (Also Read: WhatsApp Call Scam Alert! Be Cautious If You Receive Calls From These Numbers, Government Warns) 

Tips To Save Your WhatsApp Account From Getting Banned On WhatsApp

  1. Avoid sending bulk or automated messages.
  2. Think twice before forwarding messages.
  3. Refrain from sending unwelcome texts. 
  4. Use broadcast lists responsibly and avoid excessive use.
  5. Follow WhatsApp’s Terms of Service diligently. 

Note: The Story is articulated by Raman Kumar. 

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