What Is ‘iPhone Finger’? Is Your Smartphone Changing Your Body? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

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New Delhi: In the fast-paced realm of technology, smartphones changed how we talk and move. But are they changing our bodies too?  Currently, a new term coined on the internet is termed -‘iPhone finger’, raising serious concerns. 

The term ‘iPhone finger’ means a mark or dent on the little finger, probably from using smartphones a lot, especially iPhones. When people use their phone with one hand, they often use their little finger to hold it up.” 

This raised the eyebrows of Apple iPhone users when it was initially discussed on the podcast named “The TJ Show” where hosts highlighted what appeared to be a noticeable dent or divot on their pinky fingers, seemingly caused by their smartphone usage.   

On the show, one of the hosts explained, “Sometimes, the weight of the phone rests on your pinky finger as we hold our phones. This action creates an indentation that alters the appearance of your pinky finger”

How To Determine iPhone Finger?

The iPhone finger is also termed as “smartphone pinky”. This means someone should compare both their little fingers and check if one looks noticeably different, especially with a big dent on their dominant hand, probably from holding their phones. 

Meanwhile, health experts have dismissed it as a genuine medical condition despite issues raised by tech enthusiasts regarding the pinky indentation. According to the New York Post, Dr. Peter Evans, an orthopaedic surgeon with Cleveland Clinic, asserted that indents or gaps on little fingers do not indicate a problem. 

On the other hand, Occupational therapist  April Hibbeler and hand surgeon Dr. Michael Geary of Ortho Carolina also agreed with Dr Evans. In an explanation about the “musculoskeletal ‘phenomenon,'” they said that there is no official diagnosis for “iPhone finger”. 

Constant Cellphone Use Can Cause Severe Problems  

Dr. Evans said that some people who believe they have “smartphone pinky” might actually have an underlying condition. He also said that using cellphones all the time can lead to various joint problems. While some injury claims might be exaggerated, others are genuine and can cause serious, lasting harm.

Phone-Related Medical Conditions May Rise

An orthopaedic surgeon also cautioned that some of these health issues include clinodactyly, a genetic condition where the tip of the pinky bends toward the ring finger. Another concern is Dupuytren’s contracture, where thick cords develop under the skin over time, drawing fingers towards the palm.

However, Dr. Evans stressed that smartphone use isn’t linked to the latter condition. Still, he warned about a few phone-related medical issues that can occur. 

Is iPhone Finger Serious Threat To Your Health?

Dr. Peter Evans, an orthopaedic surgeon with Cleveland Clinic, debunked the iPhone finger or smartphone pinky. In medical terms,  he said smartphone elbow known as cubital tunnel syndrome – is quite real.

This usually happens to people who bend their elbow more than 90 degrees for a long time, often when texting. Feeling tingling or numbness in your pinky could also indicate the condition that causes nerve damage.  

Furthermore, the doctor stated that smartphone users should worry about their “texting thumb” or neck. He said that thumb joints aren’t made to text and swipe all day long. Dr. Peter Evans cautioned that excessive use can worsen existing conditions such as arthritis or lead to new issues in the thumb tendons.

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