Amazon vs. Flipkart: Which Platform Provides Better Electronics Shopping Experience?

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New Delhi: A recent survey by Tech Arc, an Indian technology research firm, has placed Amazon ahead of Flipkart in providing better information and immersive experiences for personal electronics. While both Amazon and Flipkart do not compromise on the depth of information made available to potential buyers, the former has an edge in terms of offering information in a clean interface, the survey noted.

The research firm in its report also showed that despite India’s strong offline retail presence, online shopping has surged in the past decade, especially for electronics, which make up over 50% of the Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) for marketplaces.

The survey highlighted the importance of information availability in building customer trust. Consumers value comprehensive product details, transparent pricing, timely delivery, and reliable after-sale support. Tech Arc compared Amazon and Flipkart in four key personal electronics categories: smartphones, smart TVs, TWS earbuds, and soundbars.

Smartphones contribute over 60% of the electronics GMV. Both Amazon and Flipkart provide extensive information on specifications and features. However, as per the survey, Amazon’s clean interface and use of product images create a more engaging experience. Amazon’s visual explanations of complex technologies, such as camera setups and fast-charging mechanisms, help buyers make quicker decisions.

In the Smart TV category, the survey found Amazon offering more comprehensive information than Flipkart. Detailed descriptions on Amazon boost consumer confidence and streamline the purchasing process. 

“Comparing listings on Amazon and Flipkart, we can see that the information available on Amazon is much more comprehensive than on Flipkart giving consumers a detailed description of the features and specifications of a Smart TV they are considering.  The detailed information available on Amazon increases the level of confidence of consumers in buying decisions and also does not hinder their flow of purchase, the report stated.

TWS earbuds, a category with many domestic and global players, demand detailed information on features like ANC and Dolby support. With over 90% of sales through online channels, consumers rely heavily on comprehensive product details. The survey indicated that Amazon leads in providing detailed information. A comparison of OnePlus Nord Buds 2 listings showed Amazon ensuring informed purchases.

Soundbars are gaining popularity for enhancing audio and video content consumption. The survey noted Amazon’s superior provision of detailed information compared to Flipkart. For instance, the comparison of boAt Aavante Bar Tune listings showed Amazon offering extensive product details.

While Flipkart provides substantial information, Amazon’s detailed approach eliminates potential roadblocks and speeds up the buying journey, the survey said. To further enhance the experience, Amazon could incorporate more videos and AI-driven interactivity, paving the way for conversational commerce, it added.

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