Beware iPhone Users! Government Issues Warning On ‘Transnational Scam’— Here’s How To Stay Safe

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New Delhi: Indian iPhone users are facing a new security threat as warned by Cyber Dost, the cybersecurity initiative of the Ministry of Home Affairs. They have warned that a text pretending to be from India Post is actually a trap. Clicking on the link in this message could allow hackers to infiltrate the user’s system, install malicious software, and access sensitive data for exploitation.

The scam works through deceptive SMS messages that mimic official communication from India Post. These messages falsely claim that a parcel delivery attempt failed due to “incomplete address information.” They create urgency by urging users to update their contact details within 48 hours to prevent the package from being returned. (Also Read: Samsung Z Fold 6 Vs Vivo X Fold 3 Pro : Which Foldable Phone Wins? Price, Display, Camera, & More Compared)

Cyber Dost’s tweet mentions, “New Transnational #Scam Alert: #iPhone users are learnt to be receiving scam messages via #iMessage regarding package / courier from random accounts. Clicking on suspicious links may be avoided and read receipts may be disabled for such messages.” 

Important Tips to Avoid This Scam

– Avoid Clicking on Suspicious Links: Do not click on any links in messages claiming to be from India Post or any other official-sounding source, especially if they create a sense of urgency.

– Verify Sender Information: Check the sender’s contact details carefully. Official messages from India Post will come from verified sources, not random accounts.

– Disable Read Receipts: Turn off read receipts for messages from unknown senders to avoid giving scammers confirmation that you’ve seen their message.

– Never Share Sensitive Information: Never share your bank account information or send money to unknown individuals, as this could lead to financial loss and identity theft.

– Update Directly via Official Channels: If you receive a message about a failed parcel delivery, contact India Post directly through their official website or customer service number to verify the claim.

What are transnational scams?

A transnational scam involves crimes that span multiple countries. Scammers utilise digital platforms to transfer money across borders, sometimes using cryptocurrencies to evade detection.

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