Ola Shifts From Google Maps To Ola Maps, To Save Nearly Rs 100 Crore

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New Delhi: Ola Cabs has switched from using Google Maps to its own Ola Maps for navigation and operations. This change is set to save the company almost Rs 100 crore year. The announcement follows Ola’s recent move to transfer all its operations to its own AI company, Krutim, three months ago after ending its partnership with Microsoft Azure.

“After Azure exit last month, we’ve now fully exited Google maps. We used to spend Rs 100 crore a year but we’ve made that 0 this month by moving completely to our in house Ola maps! Check your Ola app and update if needed,” Aggarwal stated.

He mentioned that there are many new features on the way. It includes street view, indoor images, NERFs, drone maps and 3D maps. Adding further, Krutim AI’s cloud services will provide APIs for Ola Maps. APIs or application programming interfaces are tools that allow different software programs to communicate with each other smoothly.

When launching Krutrim AI, Ola announced that it would include mapping solutions within its cloud services. Aggarwal expects Ola’s electric scooters which are top sellers in India to be powered by Ola’s own battery cells by early next year. This coincides with the start of commercial production at Ola’s cell ‘gigafactory’ in Southern Tamil Nadu.

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