Proton Launches Privacy-Focused Docs to Compete with Google and Microsoft; Check Key Features

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New Delhi: Swiss technology company Proton, known for its privacy-focused online services, is giving a tough challenge to Google and Microsoft with the launch of Proton Docs, a privacy-focused alternative to Google Docs. 

The online editor is designed to be similar to Google Docs, with white pages, a top toolbar, and real-time collaboration. However, there is one significant difference, Proton Docs is built with top-notch privacy. The company claims that every document, keystroke, and even cursor movement is protected by end-to-end encryption. It means that even Proton can’t access your content as well.   

In a blog post, Anant Vijay, senior product manager, Proton said “We’re announcing a new end-to-end encrypted, collaborative document editor that puts your privacy first. Docs in Proton Drive are built on the same privacy and security principles as all our services, starting with end-to-end encryption.” Notably, the privacy-focused company Proton currently offers a web-only application optimized for desktops, with plans to expand to other platforms soon.

Key Features Of Proton Docs:

Users can create and edit documents in Proton Drive, knowing only they and the people they share with can access the content.

Like Google Docs, users can invite others to view or edit documents with one click. Also, changes are updated instantly so that everyone always sees the latest version.  

Users can see who else is viewing or editing the document and add comments for feedback without changing the document. Comments are visible to everyone working on the document, keeping everyone updated. Users can upload .docx documents, edit them, and download them in different formats like .docx, .txt, .md, and HTML.

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