Samsung Galaxy Ring: 5 Amazing Features, Price, Availability Of The Latest Wearable

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New Delhi: South Korean tech giant Samsung unveiled a host of products in its Galaxy Unpacked event on June 10 that included all-new Galaxy Z Fold6 and Z Flip6 foldables, and wearable devices Galaxy Ring, Buds3 series, Watch7 and Watch Ultra

The lightweight Galaxy Ring, weighing from 2.3-3 grams comes in three colours — Titanium Black, Titanium Silver and Titanium Gold, along with a kit with nine size options. Galaxy Ring supports various features such as sleep score, cycle tracking, energy score, wellness tips, heart rate alert, auto workout detection, and others.

Here Are 5 Amazing Features Of The Latest Samsung Galaxy Ring

1. Health Tracking

Galaxy Ring packs the latest health tracking innovations into a compact design that fits comfortably around finger.

a. BioActive Sensor that can Monitor your heart health with improved Heart Rate Tracking.

b. Accelerometer that can Track walking and running without pressing a button

c. Infrared Temperature Sensor that gives regular readings on skin temperature changes while you sleep.

2. Sleep Score

Using Energy Score with Galaxy AI.4 It calculates your physical readiness based on yesterday’s sleep, heart rate and steps. 

3. Wellness Tips

Using Wellness Tips, the Galaxy Ring gathers the insights and your phone analyzes them. Then you receive personalized suggestions you can use to improve each day.

4. Periods Cycle

Samsung says with Galaxy Ring’s personal tracker you can get to know your cycle better. It senses slight changes in temperature, predicting fertile window, ovulation, next period.

5. Fitness Tracker

Galaxy Ring tarts tracking your fitness and workout regime, giving you trends details and achievement list, adds Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Ring Battery

Galaxy Ring claims to offer upto 7 day of battery life. “Combined with a full cradle charge, you can use Galaxy Ring for up to 14 days without plugging into an outlet,” says Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Ring Price

The Samsung Galaxy Ring is priced at USD 399.99

Samsung Galaxy Ring Availability

Galaxy Ring will be available for pre-order in select markets starting July 10, with general availability starting July 24.

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