A Man Gets 3-Year Imprisonment In China For Leaking Samsung Technology

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In China, a person found it expensive to leak Samsung’s technology. The apex court instead sentenced the man to three years imprisonment. Actually, in the year 2018, this is the matter of leaking Samsung display’s edge panel technology to Chinese companies (Samsung technology leak in China). The thing to note is that the person was not an ordinary man, but a former head of a medium-sized tech firm. This sentence has been pronounced on last Thursday.

Developed by investing US $ 117.7

According to the news of Korea Times, Edge Panel Technology, also known as 3D Lamination Technology, is used to make the curved screen edge. Let us tell you, Samsung had to invest about US$ 117.7 million in developing this technology. For this, 38 engineers did research for six years. In such a situation, that person committed a big crime by leaking information, in return for which the court has given this punishment.

what were the allegations

In April 2018, a former CEO and executives of Toptec, an expert company in production devices, received edge panel technology from Samsung. The person was convicted on charges of leaking the technical specifications and technology images related to it to a different company (Samsung technology leak news). It was also alleged that the person had also sold some part of the documents to two Chinese companies.

Court of Appeal overturned the decision

A district court had previously found the former TopTech CEO and executives not guilty. It even concluded that the leaked technology was not a commercial secret. But an appeals court overturned the verdict and sentenced the former CEO to three years in prison. The court argued that technology cannot be considered in the public domain.

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