Hyundai Extor is rocking, waiting time exceeds 12 weeks, do you know why?

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Hyundai Exter Period: The subcompact SUV Hyundai Exter in India has been launched in India on 10 July 2023 only. Although, its bookings started in May itself, but its waiting period has been extended along with the launch. It is said that waiting period is highest in Hyundai Xtor AMT. According to media reports, bookings are high for manual and AMT models. Although the Hyundai Xtor was launched ex-showroom India at a price of Rs 6 lakh, it has already booked over 16,000 units since pre-launch bookings began. Recently, while talking to the media, Hyundai’s COO (Chief Operations Officer) Tarun Garg said that bookings for the Hyundai Xtor started in May itself. Around 16,000 units have been booked so far since its launch.

Hyundai Exeter Booking and Waiting Period

Talking about the bookings for Xeter, Hyundai COO Tarun Garg said that 1,800 units are being booked every day since its launch. He further said that around 38 per cent bookings have been made for the AMT model, 22 per cent for the CNG model and 40 per cent for the petrol manual model. This means that bookings are being done almost equally for the automatic and manual models.

The waiting time has increased to 12 weeks

He said that with the consent of the company’s dealers, the waiting time in Exeter has been extended to 12 weeks depending on the change. Also, the waiting time for Exeter manual and CNG variants is six to eight weeks. At the same time, the waiting period for automatic models is set at 10 to 12 weeks. Hence, the AMT-equipped model has the longest waiting period despite the higher number of bookings for the Exeter manual.

Tata Punch competes with Citroën C3 and Maruti-Suzuki Ignis

More importantly, India has tough competition from Hyundai Xtor, Tata Punch, Citroën C3 and Maruti-Suzuki’s Ignis. According to media reports, Tata’s Punch has sold 22,000 units since opening bookings for the Hyundai Xtor in India in May ahead of the launch. However, Hyundai Xtor’s other two rivals, Citroën C3 and Maruti-Suzuki, sold around 1,500 and 8,900 units. At the same time, around 16,000 units of Hyundai Xtor have been booked during this period. From this point of view, the Hyundai Xtor mainly competes directly with the Tata Punch.

Expected increase in sales

According to media reports, the Hyundai Xtor is expected to compete tough with the bestseller Tata Punch, which is equipped with several segment-first features. Apart from the CNG powertrain option, it also gets a voice-enabled sunroof, dashcam, six airbags as well as ESC standard. Hyundai COO Tarun Garg expects monthly sales of the subcompact SUV segment to double from 10,000-11,000 units. He added that although he could not say how many monthly unit sales the Exeter would manage, we can definitely say that it is going to churn out volumes for Hyundai. He attributes this to the shift in consumer demand from hatches to SUVs over the past three to four years

Variants and color options

According to media reports, Hyundai Xter is available in six variants in India including EX, EX(O), S, SX, SX(O), and SX(O) Connect variants. Customers can purchase the Hyundai Xtor in a total of 9 color options – Atlas White, Cosmic Blue, Firey Red, Ranger Khaki, Starry Night, Titan Grey, Atlas Black with Abyss Black, Cosmic Blue with Abyss Black and Ranger Khaki with Abyss Black. Color included.

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