iOS 17 Update Will Change The Experience Of Iphone Users, Check New Features Here

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The update of iOS 17, the latest version of the iPhone’s operating system iOS, is in the headlines. Recently, for the first time, iOS 17 beta was released to the public. Since then there is a lot of enthusiasm among iPhone users. Many iPhone users have experienced this beta version on their own iPhone. In this, he came face to face with many new features. If you are one of those iPhone users who have just downloaded or are about to download the iOS 17 beta version, then you must know the new features present in it. The experience of using your iPhone will only change.

change in design

According to the news of HT Tech, MacRumors says that there is a change in the appearance of the Message app in the iOS 17 update. It gives a different experience than before. This means that you do not need to click on three different spots for all the tools and features. In chat you just press + on the left side of the message box and you can access camera, photos, stickers, cache, audio, location, store and many more.

sticker creation

As a new feature, you can use emoji as stickers during the conversation. Till now you can remove object from background in iOS 16 features, but now you can save that object as a sticker and send it to your friends instantly.

New Memoji and Catchup Arrow

iOS 17 will have new Memoji stickers. You can now use halo, smirk and peekaboo stickers with existing collections. Also, you can now see all unread messages with an arrow that takes you to the last unread message. Means you are in the group and you could not see the message then you have used catchup arrow.

swipe to reply

iOS 17 has Swipe to Reply feature. Although it is inspired by WhatsApp. To reply immediately, you have to swap from left to right. Also there is audio message transcription feature. In this, the audio message content gets automatically transcribed.

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